Bolero International - Transforming Global Trade

Bolero a secure cloud based technology which provides a different way to optimise complex international trade chains.

Linking trade with trade finance, Bolero dematerialises the trade chain. By providing corporate customers with access to a community of trade enablers, from banks to ocean carriers, users are able to manage their complete financial and trade processes. From multi-banking connectivity, through to the integration of electronic bills of lading, Bolero provides a range of cloud based solutions designed to deliver value to all participants in a trade chain. Bolero customers benefit from increased operational efficiency, reduced cost of operations and accelerated time to cash.

Bolero delivers this value through a combination of cloud based technology, extensive domain expertise and a unique legal infrastructure that underpins and supports the technology, ensuring practical and cultural barriers to adoption are removed.

Bolero is more than a technology solution – it is a community of corporates, banks, insurers and logistics service providers operating in more than 55 countries and managing more than 400,000 trade transactions per month.

Unlike traditional point to point approaches which are costly, complex and uncertain, Bolero’s architecture ensures fast deployment, ease of use and global access together with no infrastructure costs. Users benefit from accelerated time to cash, reduced costs, greater control and visibility, and operational efficiencies.

Because trade finance involves collaboration between multiple parties, all Bolero Applications are built on the Bolero Exchange, a collaborative platform which supports all trade flows between all parties and across all locations. Each Bolero member only needs to connect once and then has common access to all other community members whilst remaining completely insulated from a trade partner’s specific technology and business process.