• Improving the Quality, Accuracy and Speed of Document Presentations

Documentary Collections

Bolero solutions digitally present documents to banks or trusted third parties in support of the transfer of goods and the settlement of trade according to a set of defined instructions. Organisations are able to securely submit, manage and track documents from initial submission through to payment. Presentations can be electronic, paper or mixed and are collected under ICC URC 522 as well as other rule sets.

Opting to go digital accelerates payment, improves cashflow and the release of goods, as well as reducing operational costs and overheads.

  • Submit, manage and track documentary collections
  • Presentations can be electronic, paper or mixed
  • Complies with ICC URC 522 and other rule sets
  • Support for open account documentary transactions
  • Can facilitate easier access to finance
  • Can be fully white-labelled
  • Customisable for other document flows
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