• Manage Guarantees with Great Control and Visibility

Guarantee Management

Bolero solutions enable organisations to centrally manage guarantees and bonds from multiple financial institutions with full control and visibility reducing the risk of potential fraud, errors and cost of credit and administration.

Guarantees can be stored, amended and claimed electronically with up-to-date information on their status, when they expire, the value and the entities involved. Organisations can be set up as beneficiaries, applicants or both. The entire process is faster, more secure and reliable, reducing the considerable costs of storage and management.

  • Online guarantee application
  • Beneficiaries can manage and claim directly from their banks
  • Guarantees are always up-to-date and can be easily amended
  • Fully digitised claims can be processed across all parties
  • Provides secure verified guarantees and bonds
  • Manages credit lines with greater control and visibility
  • Organisations can be applicants, beneficiaries or both
  • Seamless multi-bank connectivity
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