• Ensuring Businesses Trade in a Safe, Secure and Trusted Environment

Platform and Integration

Bolero’s cloud-based platform delivers secure, seamless connectivity for the entire trading community. Users can quickly access, track and manage their transactions via a secure online interface.

Our comprehensive identity management, non-repudiation of all transactions and transaction integrity ensures that businesses can trade in a safe, secure and trusted environment.

Our solution is designed and built to give you the flexibility and control to connect to our applications in a way that fits your business. Integrate third party applications into the Bolero platform to utilise our core capabilities.

  • Collaborative platform supporting all trade flows between all parties and across all locations
  • Common access to all other community members whilst remaining completely insulated from a trade partner’s specific technology and business process
  • Comprehensive Trade Finance applications delivered from the cloud
  • Interoperation with external systems, networks and communities utilising a fully open technology architecture
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