• Delivering a Multi-lateral Legal Framework

Rulebook and Title Registry

Bolero solutions are underpinned by our powerful legal rulebook and title registry that work hand in hand with our services to create a safe, secure and trusted environment for trade transactions.

The Bolero rulebook delivers the legal framework for a multi-lateral contract between users to agree to be governed by a common set of rules enshrining the key elements of Bolero’s services.

The title registry guarantees certainty of originality, delivery and receipt of electronic bills of lading.  All parties can be assured that the exchange of documents is done in an irrevocable and legally binding fashion.

  • Unique Bolero Legal Rulebook
  • Patented Title Registry
  • Removes the requirement for a corporate to negotiate bilateral legal agreements with every individual party involved in the trade process
  • Ensures global legality of the Bolero Electronic Bill of Lading
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