• Safer funding, smarter payments and faster transactions

Supply Chain

Bolero’s supply chain solutions enable financial institutions to offer buyers and sellers the ability to digitise and automate their accounts payable and receivable processes. This gives them the flexibility to manage their customers and suppliers more efficiently and offer beneficial trading terms.

Purchase Orders, Invoices and other trade documentation can be electronically uploaded to be automatically validated, processed, matched and approved. This gives buyers and sellers the flexibility to complete the transaction and request possible funding from financial institutions.

  • Automated accounts payable/receivable financing
  • Cloud-based service that connects buyers with their suppliers
  • Management of purchase orders, invoices and other trade documentation
  • Automated validation, processing and matching of transactions
  • Sellers can initiate goods shipment, produce invoices and request financing
  • Buyers can accept invoices, initiate payment and request financing
  • Integrated workflow with full approval, visibility and tracking
  • Automated solution which can be integrated into back-end business systems
  • Improved financial decision-making with real-time visibility and actionable insights
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