The Bolero Ecosystem

At Bolero, our vision is to link trade and trade finance, delivering value to all parties in the trade chain. From providing open, multi-banking connectivity through to de-materialised trade documentation, Bolero works within an ecosystem made up of multiple parties. Consequently, a vital element is Bolero’s partner programme, where Bolero works with specialist technology partners to create broader solutions to meet the needs of the most complex organisation.

Bolero’s success in this fast growing market has been realized through a business model that exploits Bolero’s core competencies – the ability to deliver a world-class trade platform and market-leading SaaS applications – while leveraging select partnerships and alliances with established industry leaders, core infrastructure partners and industry solution providers.

Partner Programme

Bolero operates an accredited partner programme which ensures that integration between the Bolero Exchange and other applications has been fully tested and can be relied upon by end customers. Partners currently accredited include:

Trident Global
China Systems
Aditya Birla Minacs
GlobalShare S.A.