The Bolero Exchange Platform

Supporting all Bolero Applications is a unique infrastructure, the Bolero Exchange, which is designed specifically to enable the secure, guaranteed exchange of trade information and contractually binding trade documents. This core infrastructure enables the practical delivery of automation and collaboration to all trade counterparties. Core features of the Bolero Exchange include:



Guaranteed Delivery

The Bolero message offers a guaranteed delivery of the message. For each step in the delivery of the message a corresponding response is generated using the Bolero Messaging protocols.

Message Validation

Each incoming message is validated prior to forwarding it to the destination. Typical validations are: sender validity, receiver(s) validity, document consistency, message size, document origin, message integrity.


Every message is digitally signed using PKI technology. Every Bolero user has his/her own set of private and public keys. Due to the nature of the private key certifying the public key, the Bolero offers non-repudiation of the sending of the messages and the documents they carry.

Legally Binding Documents

Bolero documents can be either draft documents or final documents. The final documents are legally binding documents and the Bolero Rulebook defines their usage.

Delivery Notification

Bolero messaging offers delivery and non-delivery notification. For each message a delivery timeout can be specified. In case the user has not picked up the message in the time specified in the message, the Bolero Exchange informs the sender of the message about the late delivery of the message. The Bolero Exchange also informs the sender of the message when the receiver has picked up the message.

Document Validation

Each Bolero document included in a Bolero message is validated against the Document Type Definition (DTD). In case of non-compliance, the document is rejected and the reason for the rejection is passed back to sender of the message.

Document Originality

Once a final document has been accepted by the Bolero Exchange, the platform validates every time that document is forwarded again that its contents has not been altered. In case the document has been altered the Bolero Exchange rejects the incoming message carrying the document.

Bolero services are hosted in UK based, dual, mirrored, geographically separate, Tier-3 certified and SAS 70 Type II -compliant data centres, connected by high capacity cable. This hosting and operating environment delivers:

  • High Availability (guaranteed 99.9%+)
  • Full redundancy and real-time disaster-recovery in the event of catastrophic event
  • Fully Managed 24*7 365 operations
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Global Secure Access
  • Scalability
  • Strict Operations Compliance
  • Increased Internet Bandwidth