To join the Bolero community a user needs to complete the following steps known as Enrolment:

a) Confirming the identity and authority of the prospective user. This confirms that they are who they say they are and that they have the authority to act on behalf of the enrolling organisation. A notary, current Bolero bank member or a Bolero employee’s authorisation is required to complete this step.

b) Agreeing to the Bolero Rulebook. This ensures that each user agrees to be bound by the rules governing its relationship with Bolero, the association and its fellow users.

c) Obtaining a certificate and RID[1] to allow documents to be digitally signed.

Once enrolment is complete the new user will then be known and recognised by the Bolero community, will have agreed to be bound by the Rulebook and will be able to create Bolero messages and digitally sign them. They are now in a position to send and receive Bolero messages. 

To proceed with enrolment please contact your nearest Bolero office.

[1] Their RID (Registered Identifier) is their Bolero community “address” and is unique to them