The Bolero platform is designed from the ‘ground up’ to provide a secure infrastructure to meet the needs of corporates, their service providers and the financial community with whom they interact.

The security architecture of the Bolero service is aimed at guaranteeing:

  • High availability of the system avoiding single points of failure
  • Protection against external threats
  • Contingency for disaster recovery scenarios
  • Reliability of the information, the users and the business transactions that are performed over the platform
  • Confidentiality of the content utilising Public Key Infrastructure with encryption
  • Integrity using digital signatures and fingerprints of data passed through the system
  • Accountability through legal and technical features that are included as part of the platform

 The security architecture is based on the ISO 27001:2005 standard and audited via an annual SSAE16 audit carried out by independent assessors, designed to give total confidence to customers of Boleros commitment to security.

In addition to the external audit of processes, the Bolero infrastructure is technically audited at least once a year via means of network scans and application vulnerability testing using recognised independent specialists in the field of internet security.

For more information on Bolero Security or any other Technical feature of the platform please request a copy of the Bolero Technical Whitepaper.

(Please note, under Bolero’s security policy, access is restricted to existing customers and known contacts)