Bolero for Banks

Bolero provides trade finance banks with a range of white labelled solutions delivering a quick and cost effective method of bringing to market a range of trade finance related products. Typically these are deployed outside of a bank’s home market (where they are likely to have existing offerings of their own) or where a bank wishes to react to a market dynamic – for example the ability to support electronic presentations under eUCP. Bolero’s solutions for banks have been designed to enhance and complement a bank's existing trade finance products.

The benefit of offering a Bolero based trade finance solution include:

  • Creates competitive product offering in overseas market
  • Allows regional divisions to offer a full range of trade finance services
  • Removes the need for extensive product development
  • Eliminates the need for CapEx funding (being a SAAS solution)
  • Creates differentiated product offering in markets through the introduction of new services, for example, support for full electronic presentation under eUCP
  • Accelerates adoption of the new BPO instrument by providing the corporate with the complementary services needed to fully exploit this settlement type – an electronic Bill of Lading
  • Support for the SWIFT MT798 corporate-to-bank message set from the Bolero network - download our Bolero Support for MT798 Overview for more information

Many of the world largest and most specialised trade finance banks have taken the decision to offer trade products and services from Bolero in specific markets and territories.