Bolero for Carriers and Logistics

Bolero's electronic Bills of Lading (eBL) offers the carrier industry a fully legal, P&I Club approved eBL and Sea Waybill solution that works seamlessly as part of ePresentation.

The Bolero solution manages the title of an eBL and will allow a carrier to manage and control its lifecycle, including the amendment and surrender process. 

eBLs reduce the risk of paper Bills of Lading being lost or delayed, often arriving after the goods. In particular, when a vessel embarks on a short trade lane, the likelihood of paper trade documentation arriving late to port is considerably heightened, especially when the Bill of Lading passes through multiple holders.

Key benefits:

  • eBLs significantly reduce the need of Letters of Indemnity helping to reducing carrier risk and operational disruption
  • Open solution allows for integration into your Document Preparation System or Service Provider
  • Carrier fleet becomes more marketable as Exporters are now requiring support for electronic bills of lading before fixing a ship

Key features:

  • Simple enrolment process to start using eBLs
  • Controlled by a legal framework
  • First industry approved eBL solution
  • eBLs are secure and can only be amended by the carrier 

Please see our Carrier Customers page for a selection of carriers using our eBL solution