Bolero for Carriers and Logistics

Recognised and accepted across the world, Bolero’s electronic bill of lading (eBL) gives carriers and logistics providers the ability to create, send, amend and manage bills of lading electronically with greater accuracy, integrity and speed. This reduces the likelihood of any potential fraud, errors and the cost of administration.  

Bolero's eBL is the electronic equivalent of a paper bill of lading and is approved and accepted by The International Group of P&I Club. 

Key benefits:

  • Simpler, faster and more reliable than paper based systems
  • Significantly reduces the need of Letters of Indemnity reducing carrier risk and operational disruption
  • Open solution allows for integration into your Document Preparation System or Service Provider
  • Carrier fleet becomes more marketable as Exporters are now requiring support for electronic bills of lading before fixing a ship

Key features:

  • Create, send and amend electronic bills of lading
  • Complete visibility and audit trail from creation to surrender
  • Accepted and recognised by The International Group of P&I Clubs
  • Secure authentication and enrolment process
  • Web based application with inituative user interface
  • First industry approved eBL solution

Please see our Carrier Customers page for a selection of carriers using our eBL solution