Corporate - Electronic Trade Documentation

Bolero provides exporters with an integrated solution that revolutionises traditional cross-border trade. Bolero enables exporters to create very tightly integrated financial and physical supply chains in order to deliver efficient and profitable trading relationships. Bolero for Exporters is a set of solutions that link trade and trade finance, with a particular focus on increasing efficiency where traditional trade finance instruments and documents are utilised. By de-materialising documents (e.g. Documentary Presentation under a Letter of Credit) and converting shipping documents into an electronic format (e.g. Bill of Lading), Bolero delivers exporters benefits across multiple areas:

  • Reduced DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) by ensuring accurate, error free, electronic trade documentation is presented to trade counterparties at the earliest opportunity
  • Reduced banking fees through a reduction in working capital requirements and efficient management of credit lines
  • Reduced supply chain risk caused by fraud and lost documents through the conversion of paper-based documentation into fully electronic, trackable and auditable items
  • Increased operational efficiency through the automation of previously manual processes

To find out more how corporate clients of Bolero have benefited from using the solution, please check out the corporate case studies under Resources or download the Bolero Exporter Whitepaper – Opportunities in the Trade Chain