Corporate - Electronic Presentation

Bolero’s ePresentation solution enables corporates, banks and carriers to electronically prepare, exchange and track trade finance instruments and documentation removing the complexities and inefficiencies of paper based, labour intensive processes that are currently used to finance global trade transactions.

ePresentation has already delivered over 1.5 million electronic payment presentations helping companies around the world to automate and streamline processes, reduce costs, accelerate payment, remove errors and discrepancies.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction in operational costs and inefficiencies
  • Dramatic improvement in discrepancy handling across counterparties
  • Faster transaction completion and a reduction in Days Sales Outstanding
  • Improved security, visibility and auditability of trades

Key Features:

  • Prepare, organize, deliver and track the flow of trade documentation
  • Manages documents of title, trade finance instruments and shipping documents
  • Links exporters, importers, carriers and banks via a single online interface
  • Utilises a secure legal framework (Bolero Rulebook) and a title registry to transfer holdership of electronic documents of title
  • Bolero Rulebook is a global multilateral legal framework that governs how all Bolero counterparties interact and manage documents of title

To find out more how corporate clients of Bolero have benefited from using the solution, please see our case studies under Resources or download the Exporter Whitepaper