Corporate - Electronic Trade Documentation

Bolero provides Corporates with an integrated solution that revolutionises traditional paper based cross-border trade.

Bolero's Electronic Trade Documentation solution ePresentation links the physical trade cycle with the trade finance cycle. It is designed to handle unstructured and structured documents,documents of title, trade finance instruments (Open Account, Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections) and shipping documents (e.g. Bill of Lading, Sea waybill).

ePresentation utilises a secure legal framework (Bolero Rulebook) and a title registry to transfer holdership of electronic documents of title. The Bolero Rulebook is a global multilateral legal framework that governs how all Bolero counterparties interact and manage documents of title.

ePresentation delivers Corporates multiple benefits including:

  • Increased operational efficiency through the automation of previously manual paper based processes
  • Reduced need for Letters of Indemnity as documents are not delayed or lost due to physical distribution
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding by ensuring accurate timely ePresentation to counterparties
  • Reduced risk caused by fraudulent and lost documents through fully trackable and auditable electronic trades documents

To find out more how corporate clients of Bolero have benefited from using the solution, please check out the corporate case studies under Resources or download the Bolero Exporter Whitepaper