Corporate - Multi-Bank Trade Finance

Large corporates have long been challenged to efficiently manage their trade finance processes when operating in a multi-banking environment. The Bolero Multi-Banking solution provides a corporate with a single, consistent and functionally rich application to manage all their trade finance transactions and bank relationships. Uniquely, Bolero provides both the functional applications required to manage specific trade instruments (e.g. Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Presentations) and an integrated network that connects a corporate to all of their banks and trade finance counterparties. This combination, delivered over the internet, ensures that Bolero customers are able to go live within days, unlike alternative solutions on the market that rely on very traditional onsite implementation processes and require the corporate to manage integration of the application and solve the challenge of connecting to their banks.

Corporates using Bolero Multi-Banking solutions benefit from:

  • Visibility of all trade finance instruments across all banks, counter-parties and geographies
  • Control and audit of all transactions
  • Increased efficiency in the management of each instrument resulting in lower bank fees and costs
  • Ability to rapidly on-board new banking partners creating an opportunities for price arbitrage
  • Reduction in DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and working capital requirements through accelerated time to cash on payment

To find out more on how corporate clients of Bolero have benefited from using the solution please check out the case studies or download the Bolero Multi-Banking Overview under Resources.