Corporate - Multi-Bank Trade Finance

Bolero's Multi-Bank Trade Finance solution links corporates to their trading financial partners via a single multi bank platform delivering the control and visibility required to unlock working capital.

It removes the problems associated with managing multiple credit lines from multiple banks helping Treasury teams to consolidate and manage all their trade finance instruments using a single common interface.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved visibility and control of all trade finance instruments and credit lines
  • Greater operational efficiency and management of their banking relationships
  • Optimised working capital and a reduction in financing costs
  • Ability to rapidly on-board new banking partners creating opportunities for price arbitrage
  • Minimised business risk and improves compliance

Key Features:

  • Links corporate’s trade finance and treasury functions to their panel banks via a single online interface
  • Provides control and visibility of the current status of all trade instruments regardless of geographic location, financial institution or company division
  • Independent of any proprietary bank portal or communication protocol
  • Fully interoperable with back-office systems
  • Secure and compliant with industry regulations and best practice

To find out more please see our case studies.