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Electronic Bills of Lading (eBL)

Reduce cost and risk
Simpler, faster and more reliable than paper-based Bills of Lading, Electronic Bills of Lading reduce the cost of administration and avoid potential delays. They also help to minimise risk and potential fraud

Ownership of electronic bills of lading are securely managed and governed by a globally accepted legal framework, giving you and your clients complete peace-of-mind

Flexible deployment

Fully digitally integrated
Our digital trade solutions can be integrated with your existing back-office systems and on-line portals. This gives you the ability to bring a digital, Smart or electronic bill of lading solution faster to market avoiding costly bespoke development

Web based Portal
If you don’t need to integrate, just use our online digital trade operations portal. It’s web based and simple to use and best of all you are connected to Bolero’s global trade community

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Savings and Potential

More loyal customers
Using electronic bills of lading, you’ll save time executing and managing amendments, replacements and re-issues as well as lowering costs as you reduce errors and remove the overheads associated with paper bills of lading

New premium services
Open up new revenue opportunities, recruit more customers and increase overall loyalty by offering more value-added services such as digital documents and trade financing

Proven and trusted technology

Accepted and approved
Proven digital technology that is compliant with carrier and trade financing industry standards and regulations. Bolero’s electronic bills of lading software platform is recognised by banks and the global trade community and was the first eBL solution to be approved by the International Group of P&I Clubs

Deployed globally
Logistics companies and carriers around the world have been using our electronic bills of lading technology for many years and it’s also being deployed within the latest DLT/Blockchain initiatives

Bolero has compiled a detailed Insights document that provides answers to a wide range of questions on eBLs. Click here to download our Electronic Bill of Lading for Carriers FAQ document

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