• Powerful, Collaborative and Secure portal for Corporates to manage and track all their trade services with multiple parties on one platform



One portal for all your transactions

A digital user experience that is simple and intuitive

Manage all your trade services in one place

Create, edit and manage all your presentations, LCs, Collections, Guarantees and Open Account transactions including electronic bills of lading

Value added services at your fingertips

You have the option to subscribe to additional services in areas such as compliance checking and e-certificates of origin, discrepancies, financing, price quotes and reporting

Collaborative by Design

Get it right first time
Draft trade instruments with your counterparties and banks before you submit to ensure you don’t have to rework. Eliminate costly discrepancies and unnecessary overheads

Information where you want it
Flexible workflows and approvals ensure you can control and share information securely across your business and counterparties

Get Real-time visibility

Bring it all together

With all your trade transactions on one dashboard, you have the super-clarity and control to track and monitor right across your business… All in real-time!

Remove the guesswork

Comprehensive reporting tools and upto date notifications will help you to analyse data and make faster, more informed business decisions. Minimise risk and improve compliance though advanced audit and traceability

Multi-bank connectivity

Multiple banks used to mean multiple hassles. Not anymore

Secure, faster, simpler digital access to all your banks without wasting time on multiple login screens and passwords

Work from anywhere

Access all your services 24hrs a day regardless of department, subsidiary or geographic location. All you need is internet connectivity and a browser

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